The onboarding experience, reinvented

Workelo, the welcoming and integrating tool that your employees deserve, with a simple and intuitive interface

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The complete SAAS solution to onboard, crossboard and offboard

Workelo automatically does all the small things required to onboard your new hires.

It goes from managing employees' paperwork to the preparation of the welcome kit, the e-Learning and the integration of the new hires within their new team. All that with a clear dashboard to track milestones, allowing HR to focus on people and not back-office tasks.

At the end of the collaboration, unplug everything in one click. Your employees are offboarded and his experience stays amazing!

You’re in good company

For thousands of users, Workelo is already in the heart of their mobility

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Unique Employee Experience

Workelo’s onboarding process is designed to be collaborative and social, so that the new hire fells warmly welcomed. It also enhances his efficiency and he will be fully operational way sooner. We make everything work so that he fits just perfectly to his new work environment !

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Faster Ramp-up

Even before his first day, the new hire already has access to Workelo, and can begin consulting documents that made available for him. It is also possible to set-up regular pulse-checks to evaluate your new hire’s progress.

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Thanks to artificial intelligence, the platform becomes a virtual assistant, offering the most relevant integration track to save your HRs' and managers' time and boost your new recruits.

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Digital and Mobile

Workelo is all devices-friendly. Our platform fits on all kind of screen, so that your new hire can access it wherever he is. We also ensure you an operational and digital monitoring, and obviously, the human dimension comes first.

What's onboarding today?


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You want to rethink your onboarding experience?


Workelo reinvents your mobilities

Preboarding - Onboarding - Internal Mobility - Offboarding

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Schéma avant-après vertical - L'utilisation d'un outil d'onboarding avec une méthode claire et efficace

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They helped us build a unique platform

Avatar de Maxime Aubain, RH dans la start up Auto1 Group

Maxime Aubain, Manager at Auto1 group

Startup, from 5 to 300 employees in 2 years

You have to animate the onboarding period and facilitate the meetings with collegues. It's key for a better implication.

Avatar de Laurent Perchais, RH strategiste à Orange groupe

Laurent Perchais, Strategy at Orange

Multinational, 80 000 employees in 29 countries

Automating the onboarding process helps relieve managers and HR from operationnal tasks and allow them to focus on the essential: create a team.

Avatar de Christine Peslerbe, HR  chez IKKS, groupe Retail international

Christine Peslerbe, HR at IKKS

Retail, 450 shops in 11 countries

In most retail companies, current onboarding processes are oral and manual. Having a tool to clarify and improve the path for the new hire answers a real need.


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