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Workelo is the solution that matched our needs, and that allowed us to easily adapt our conboarding tracks on a digital and innovative platform. This is a real added value for our employer brand and our employees.

Karine Moiska

Karine Moiska : Directrice des Ressources Humaines Banque Casino

Karine Moiska


Pauline Careil : Responsable développement RH Banque Casino

Pauline Careil


Why choose Workelo

In a context of substantial growth in enrollment, Banque Casino had three main needs : 

  • Strengthen the social link between the newcomers and the different collaborators.
  • Formalizing and automating the onboarding processes, and give the different actors the possibility to monitor the tracks
  • Modernizing an aging process that did not fit anymore with the group's culture and values
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The collaborative aspect of the platform

Workelo allows its customers to create different user roles, so that everyone can find their ways in the different integration tracks. At the heart of each course, the HR - Manager - Collaborator collaboration allows a personalised follow-up of the integration of the newcomers, while offering a clear and adapted vision to each role on the recruiter's side. Thus, it becomes easy and intuitive to invite different colleagues, whatever their position, to participate in the integration of your recruits.

Workelo allows us to easily give responsibilities to the different actors in our integration process: managers, but also « buddys », and colleagues. When creating or applying a course, it is very simple to involve the right people so that everyone participates at the right time, and that the integration of our new employee goes for the best.

Pauline Careil

100% digital platform

Workelo is a Saas tool available all the time and everywhere . On mobile or on desktop, the platform is accessible in just a few clicks. Your recruits can log in when they want to their personalised account, even before their first day in your company! On the enterprise side, each user has his own login and accesses interfaces adapted to his role and his field of action . Each user is notified to keep track of each course, and Workelo becomes a virtual assistant that makes your life easier!

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Workelo is really easy to use and the fact that the platform is accessible from a phone, tablet or computer helps each employee stay up-to-date in the follow-up of integration courses.

Pauline Careil

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Automated templates, making onboarding easier

One of the main added values of Workelo is the template functionality, or automated onboarding tracks. The platform allows you to create in 3 minutes a complete integration course with hundreds of steps spread over several months (administrative, training, meetings, to-dos ...), by using one or several integration templates already loaded on the platform . A real time saver!

Personalization for each collaborator is therefore possible to design a unique and memorable onboarding experience.

The integration process as it was designed is full of immersions, meetings, information where all employees have a role to play (manager, buddy, colleague, ...). The tool allows us to formalize, to spread in time and to regularly follow up the onboardings of our onboardees.

Karine Moiska

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Thanks to Workelo, Banque Casino has modernized its integration process by formalizing standard courses to be applied and by providing the teams with a comprehensive monitoring tool, which allows everyone to play their full part in the integration of a newcomer. The onboardee's integration experience is optimal, and the brand image of Bank Casino is embellished!

We recommend to all HR to use Workelo! In addition to perfectly answering our needs, Workelo and its teams are attentive and continually optimize the tool so that it fits to our needs, and thye proved to be very flexible! In addition, we were afraid that it would be complicated to adopt and deploy, but on the contrary, we were accompanied and the platform was set according to our wishes in a heartbeat!