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Christine Peslerbe : Directrice des Ressources Humaines IKKS

Christine Peslerbe


Equipe IKKS

Christine Peslerbe, HR Director at IKKS, gives us her feedback on the onboarding phase from a retail perspective. With nearly 450 stores in France, human resources are indeed crucial and processes are required to improve the management flows of nearly 600 employees. Everything starts of course with the important phase of onboarding: "At IKKS, our brand is strong and attractive, it allows us to recruit and work with qualified people, of whom we are very proud. Our growth figures over the last years can prove it!"

Aware of the challenge of the first weeks of integration, the HR team must be competitive and thus prepare a perfect integration for each new employee.

Christine Peslerbe

"For the shop employees, who make the most of our workforce turnover, the process begins with a rigorous administrative flow (contract, documents), and Workelo is a real progress for HR managers by improving the flow of all information towards their platform "announces Christine Peslerbe." Then comes the preparation of the first week, a clear agenda and the need to have every employee who answers as quickly as possible to the obligations of the brand:

  • Perfect knowledge of IKKS values
  • Appropriation of commercial speech
  • Learning the knowledge of the pieces and assortments of the current collection
  • Fit to the in-store presentation"
Intérieur magasin IKKS

Workelo is a real breakthrough for HR managers by improving all the information flows towards their platform.

Christine Peslerbe

Vitrine IKKS

"Thus, it involves several actions to be implemented by the HR team and the operational staff on the field. For each new employee, a clear process is therefore required to avoid problems:

  • A welcome guide = each new employee receives a booklet with the key elements to read (collection booklet in particular).
  • An outfit = a selection of some pieces depending on the duration of the employment contract.
  • In-store training = a visit of one / two shops to quickly learn sales techniques, all the messages to be transmitted to the customer and especially the current collection, with the help of confirmed sellers.
  • Regular checks = throughout this process of integration, and the feedbacks of colleagues are important to help the newcomer reach his sales figures!

Some of these processes are oral, but most of them result from an upstream preparation (welcome booklet, outfit) as well as some steps to follow to be effective! "

The Workelo project responds to a real need for retail actors

Christine Peslerbe