Start the revolution
of your mobility processes

Discover the product that will simplify and automate operationally all your mobility,
from onboarding to offboarding.

Be ready for a new hire’s first day, improve his onboarding experience , and let him immerse in your company !


Prepare employees' contracts with online signatures and gather all administrative information and documents in one place

Welcome kit

Make sure everything is ready for the arrival or departure of your employees (staffing, equipment, access ...). Perfect and automated synchronization is offered by the platform.


Provide access to online e-Learning to prepare your new hires for their new job and to share with them the unique culture and values of your company

Automated to-do list

A clear vision on the weekly tasks to guide the onboardee, improve the experience and accelerate the ramp-up on his new position.

Milestone tracking

Check and adjust the integration of your new employees along all these steps. Transfer information in 30+ tools already connected.

Team building

Schedule meetings or lunches to make sure your new hires meet all important people during their first weeks


The power of artificial intelligence to help HRs and managers define the perfect onboarding. Workelo is the first player in France to integrate this unique technology.

  • Relevant onboarding tracks, adapted to each profile
  • Significant time savings for HR teams and managers
  • A virtuous circle created to learn from your past experiences

Multi-devices and secured platform

Logo partenaire : France Info


Logo partenaire : France Info


Logo partenaire : France Info

Certified EU GDPR

A tool for every the actor of integration

Automated, secure and easier administrative management

Easy links with your current tools (PLC)

Involve every concerned contributor of the onboarding

Dozens of others functionalities ✨


Animate the time between the signature of the contract and the first day of the new hire

Physiological profile

Discover your future workmate’s personality !

Onboarding template

Create one, use it a million times

Automated timing

Settle at the beginning an onboarding experience clocked on many weeks

Organization chart

In a few clicks, make your firms’ hierarchy easy to understand


Assign a buddy to your new recruit, who will help him in his integration phase

Progress monitoring

Tools to measure the integration of the onboardee, to offer him a personalized follow-up

Welcome booklet

Centralize every intel a new hire needs to know in a digital support


Give your recruits the possibility to share their opinion

Knowledge database

Store and give access to every important intel to the onboardee

E-mail / SMS notification

Deliver the good intel, at the right time

Electronic signature

Ease your administrative process by saving paper (and the planet)


Connect to your ecosystem (Workday, SAP, PeopleDoc, Talentsoft...)

Learning validation

Use Workelo to check each onboarding steps (objectives, quizz, meetings...)

Company dashboard

Build your helicopter view to measure all your onboarding tracks


Leaving a company mustn’t such a pain for everyone. Why can’t it be a nice experience ?