Webinar #2
Onboarding, why it is not only a startup subject/topic

Watch the talk with Laurence Cosson, HR Director ex @SPIE & @Orange. Learn all the tips about onboarding and download a clear methodology.

Rencontre avec Laurence

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Why new hire onboarding matters?

Employee onboarding has become in the last few years a strategic challenge for all companies, especially with the arrival of new generations, soaring employee churn rate and the new importance given to employer brand. All that contributes to make new hire integration a key topic for attractiveness and continuity of all companies, and not only startups!

During this webinar in French, in partnership with Lab RH and NUMA Paris, the focus is given to onboarding in middle to large companies, with the very presence of Laurence Cosson, who has seen her scope ranging from 2,000 to 19,000 employees. She shares her experience on the subject as well as a clear methodology including exemples and easily applicable advices.