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Thenew hire onboarding appears to be the HR top-of-mind subject. The reason is simple: it's the 1st step of a well structured, positive and engaging employee experience ! LinkedIn recently showed that for European companies without any onboarding process, 22% of the depatures occured during the first 45 days! Therefore, when a full onboarding process is setup, 58% of the onboardees stay at least 3 years in their new companies. Edifying!

Many professionals ask us for advices and latest trends on onboarding, this White Paper summarize most of it.

We describe the ideal process step by step, these advices are, although, mostly relevant for SME and Enterprises.


There isn't a single good way to onboard a new collaborator. But some best practices are universal and strongly improve the onboarding experience. For instance, it's critical for an onboarding to be phased over time.

It will take between 6 to 8 months for a new hire to be fully operational. With a good onboarding this number can be significally decreased.

Onboarding should not last only a few weeks. It is of paramount importance that it last much more so the onboardee has the felling of being guided and trully engaged in his new position. If his first days are too intense he might feel overwhelmed - but if its not engaging enough, he might feel let aside and loose motivation.

At Workelo, we identified 5 major steps: the pre-boarding, the first day, the first week, the first month, and what comes after the first month.

Each step is detailled underneath, with the associated best practices.

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