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About us

Why to launch Workelo?

We decided to launch Workelo with 2 facts in mind:
(1) engaged employees stay longer in a company and are more productive
(2) engagement starts at the very beginning of the relationship between the company and a new-hire: the onboarding phase

Today, when companies are fastly scaling or facing high churn rate, the onboarding is neglected and operational managers are left alone to deal with it.

This process inefficiency has strong impacts on the business, on a short term as the new-hires take months to reach their 100% productivity while monopolizing strong management ressources and on a long term as they will likely leave

What's your concept around Workelo?

That’s why Workelo, a SAAS platform to process and standardize the integration of each employee, appeared to be the perfect match.

Launched beginning of 2017 by 2 entrepreneurs with a strong track record, the mission of Workelo is to become the un-questioned HR service used to succeed the onboarding process of a new employee.

Why the name of Workelo?

Workelo combines the term Work with Elo, a famous mathematic method for calculating automatically the relative skill levels of players in games such as chess, basketball or scrabble.
This name appears as an evidence because of its values of team spirit, performance, automation and fun. This is all about the platform !



Alexandre Grenier


Alexandre had a previous entrepreneur experience with MakeMeReach as a partner and head of sales (sold in 2015 to the Nasdaq group Perion), grew the EMEA business to several millions euros revenues per year. In parrallel, the MakeMeReach team grew from 4 persons to 40 in 3,5 years.


Mathieu Cochet


Mathieu has an engineer track (gratued from Ecole Polytechnique) with a strong business and operational sense (ex-manager during 7 years at Bain&Co and a master at HEC Paris) and managed more than 30 projects with up to 15 consultants.

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